HW3: Who wants to be a millionaire

In QuestionSet.java the line public final String[] ans
should be
public static final String[] ans.

The correct answer for $250,000 question (which package does ActionListener belongs to ?) is java.awt.event. But I will still use my wrong answer(java.awt) as the correct answer. Don't make any change to the quesitions and answers in my QuestionSet.java file.


Got the hints for MoneyLabels.java, Millonaire.java.

More hints

All the following will be discussed on 11/8 TA sections.
We will write a game similar to the popular TV show "Who wants to be a millionaire?"
You can go to millionaire. to play their game and read the rules.
Our homework will be a simplified version of it. We don't have 3 lifelines.

download the program

Here is the steps to download my program and execute it
  1. Download the program here .
  2. Download the picture at the top and save it in a folder name images.
  3. Use dos commnad prompt and change to the folder to where the mil.jar located.
  4. execute the program by java -cp mil.jar mil.Main
  5. .
To do your homework, this java file may be helpful to you : QuestionSet.java . And you can modify this program anyway you like.
You should also download the picture at the top of this page and save it to the same folder (not in images folder).
This is going to be a huge program (about few hundred lines). My suggestion is to break it into 2 more part :
If you don't like the way I divide the programs, you can leave the program file blank like
public class MoneyLabels {
  // empty
If you need more classes (I don't recommend though), you can put the class in Millionaire.java like this
public class Millionaire {
  //  you code

class ExtraClass {
   // your code
You program should run similar to my program. You can change the color of the label, fonts but you can't use the default color of the labels and buttons.

Files you should submit

Millionaire.java, MoneyLabels.java, QuestionSet.java, mill.jpg
All source code submitted must contain the following information at the beginning of each file:

    * Your full name.
    * Your student ID number.
    * Your PIC login ID.
    * Your e-mail address.
    * Your discussion section number and TA's name.
    * The assignment number and description.
    * Honesty pledge.

Properly formatted, this information should appear as follows:

 * Name:		Charles Li
 * Student ID:		000 000 000
 * PIC ID:		ccli
 * E-mail:		ccli@math.ucla.edu
 * Discussion:		1A, Mike Moore
 * Assignment:		hw2
 * I, Charles Li, pledge that this is my own independent work, which 
 * conforms to the guidelines of academic honesty as described in the course 
 * syllabus.